About the Anxious Bird

Jules of The Anxious Bird, understands that in recovering from a mental illness, or supporting a person experiencing a mental illness, education around the illness is paramount. She challenges her audiences by saying, “How can you recover, if you don’t know what you are recovering from?” A variety of tailored training courses and conference presentations, about anxiety and other mental illnesses, are on offer, with practical strategies to manage the recovery journey.
What are anxiety disorders and other mental illnesses

Mental illnesses, such as anxiety disorders, are diagnose-able , illnesses, that affects a persons thoughts etc. One in four people over a lifetime will experience a mental illness. They are treatable. The Anxious Bird assist in restoring hope in recovery, so come fly with The Anxious Bird on a journey of recovery.
Jules’ Skills Profile

Career Profile:

An accomplished conversationalist in mental health education, Jules has an engaging and creative approach in helping communities understand mental illness and how to manage the invisible learning blocks and walls often confronted, in learning expeditions. She takes the myths and fictitious beliefs about mental illness, and weaves participants into developing safe and confident based approaches that can be used in supporting and maximizing confidence in “the space” for both teacher and learner.

With gaiety and passion, she introduces us into an awareness of mental health literacy, recovery, and the importance of embracing strength based and person-centred learning for each student.

  • Principal Master Mental Health and First Aid Instructor
  • REACH Facilitator – Black Dog Institute.
  • Accredited mental Health Trainer and Assessor.
  • Practicing Artist.
  • Principal Master Mental Health
  • First Aid Instructor
  • REACH Facilitator- Black Dog Institute
  • BA in Applied Art
  • Diploma in Vocation Education and Training
  • Accredited Mental Health Trainer(Aged care- Disability – Lifestyle and Leisure)
Areas of Expertise:
  • Assisting you to understand the major mental illnesses including signs and symptoms, accepting mental illness is present in each learning room, and accepting that’s ok! She leaves participants with a, ‘We can do this” attitude.
  • Activating conversation confidence boosters to ask the hard questions of engagement when support for mental illness is required.
  • Up, down, roundabout, and more creative strategies and approaches that assist the model of recovery within the education sector.
  • Bringing to her delivery,28 years of working in community services with a range of clients with complex needs including current facilitation in A and D programs.
  • Brilliant conference presenter for both VET and earlier education, as she stands participants on their feet! (literally)
  • Bringing knowledge from involvement in many extensive mental health committee networks within the service sector, including specialist services and Deakin University.
  • Expert in “madness” as she practices what she preaches! A genuine out there, well person, with a lived experience of mental illness.
Employment History:
  • Owner of The Anxious Bird – Mental Health Education Support
  • 22 years’ experience in TAFE and the Non-profit RTO sector
  • Principal Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor
  • 28 Years in community services, working with a range of diverse people of all ages

The Anxious Bird – Business owner, engaged in regular conference presentations.
Founder of The Art of The Minds Festival. One of “the mad people” who managed to recover from mental illness with a smile! on my face!